The Break of Dawn Webcomic

A blue car driving down a road in the middle of the forest. It is night, and it is raining.

- Did they seem afraid to you ?
- Not much more than anyone else we usually deal with, I think, but I have a bad feeling about... them, I guess.

Sandy sighed. His husband's instinct for these cases was often right, but for once, he'd like being right about things being easy jobs. Get people away swiftly and discreetly, and be over with it.

- I'll hurry then.
- Thank you. I love you.
- Love you too.

He heard a click as Percy hung up, and concentrated on the road as he tossed his phone on the passenger seat. It had been raining for the entire day, and showed no sign of stopping even now. The sound would have been relaxing if he'd been anywhere else than here, but hopefully things would get drier as he got closer to his destination, if the weather forecast for the morning was anything to go by.
He sped up.

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