The Break of Dawn Webcomic

Sandy and Claire, eating sandwiches.

She frowned. What could be worse than this anyway ? She grabbed the sandwich, yanking it out of the adult's hands, and started eating it at what she considered to be a safe distance from him. Far away enough to be able to run if she had to. There was something strange, that she couldn't quite place, even now as nothing she knew made any more sense at all. Unlike everyone else, she wasn't certain that she couldn't trust him. Because, while everyone else was fully transparent...

– I can't hear anything, she mumbled between mouthfuls.

– Huh ?

– Nothing.

But THAT was the thing. She didn't know if he was as terrible as the neighbors, or the teacher, or the doctor, because she couldn't hear whatever he was thinking. Come to think of it, everyone else was also unusually quiet this morning. As if everyone had forgotten how to think.

Or maybe she was finally normal.

And her family had died for it.

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