The Break of Dawn Webcomic

inside shot of the car. Sandy is driving and talking in the foreground, Claire is sulking in the background.

– Where are we going, anyways ?

Flashes. A house with a messy garden and many bookshelves. A man's face, smiling. Food.

– My house, responded Sandy. Safest place I can think of.

She nodded slowly. She had no idea where that was, but far away from home did sound safe. Claire fidgeted as more flashes of Sandy's house were popping into his mind even while concentrating on the road. Adults were so loud, constantly.

– And do you live alone, or...

Sandy seemed a little surprised by the question, but answered anyway.

– My husband, Percy. I'm sure you'll get along.

An unspoken "he's great with kids" ran through his head. Claire eyed him as sneakily as she could, but he did not elaborate.

– You know, you could ask questions if you have any, instead of just squinting at me.

The child resolutely looked at the road, ignoring him for the time being.

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