The Break of Dawn Webcomic

What is The Break of Dawn ?

The Break of Dawn is a webcomic drawn by the Tumblr artist Drawnecromancy. There is a chance it will get atrociously long, and I hope it's going to be an interesting ride for everyone involved. However, before reading, please brush up on the Content Warnings, so that you can read as safely as possible. If you don't like this website, I will be cross-posting the story to a specific Break of Dawn Tumblr blog.

It's likely going to be a very long ride with a lot of characters ! As of right now, I have most of it planned. You will learn about the region of Lonna and the Sky City, their rules, and the people who try to survive in spite of them.

To start reading, go back to the homepage and click on the sun.

Technically, the Break of Dawn is a project that has been in the works for years, and it's only now that I'm pushing myself to actually put it somewhere out there.

Who's Drawnecromancy exactly ?

A French artist whom you can find on Tumblr. On there, you can observe them losing their mind over random pieces of media every few days, as well as follow whatever train of thought is going on in his brain. They're generally friendly, even though it seems like they can go on forever on random subjects.

Note that he has no idea how coding works and is absolutely winging this little website. That's why it looks very barebones, and will likely keep looking barebones for a good while ! Hopefully this doesn't sour the reading experience. Yes, this means that they have no idea how to optimise this for mobile (and probably small laptop screens because my computer screen is relatively big so i have NO idea what this looks like on anything else, sorry.)

If you like what I do, you can tip me on my Ko-Fi page ! I also have a break of dawn sticker collection on Redbubble ! I even take commissions !

Additionnally, I'd like to add a shout-out to my buddy Blast for helping me out with figuring out some stuff about CSS because i legit have no idea what's going on here.